German Design: Shaping The Future Today

About the Conference

Design—beyond mere aesthetics—is a producer of innovative ideas and a catalyst for fundamental changes. It proves that a proactive attitude, a deep understanding and a sensitive refinement of processes can generate sustainable solutions, which have the power to create a healthy, respectful and prosperous future.

With the political decision to move away from nuclear energy entirely, Germany has become one of the leading examples of an economy based upon renewable energy. These vast changes will be accompanied by huge social, technical and economic transitions. How to react to these inevitable challenges? The traditions of Bauhaus and the German Werkbund have proven that design can support and foster necessary paradigm shifts. A dedication to highest standards of quality and the deeply anchored attitude that less is more has demonstrated a crucial influence on contem­porary design for decades—not only in Germany but on an international scale.

“German Design: Shaping the Future Today” presents German contributions to outstanding demands all along the spectrum of its traditional design heritage to the challenges of tomorrow.

On behalf of the German Federal Government, the GACC is pleased to carry out this German-American dialog about contemporary design.